Workgroup Information Request

Thank you for being so interested in joining a National DigiFoundry Workgroup.  Workgroups are the core of our operations and are the source of our value. Your participation will enrich that value and allow you to share your expertise.  NDF membership and 2,500 DigiTokens are required to participate in each workgroup. If you are not a member, please become a member first by completing the membership request form. All Bronze members ($0 annual fee) receive 2,500 DigiTokens.

Climate Change Disaster Response

Climate change increases the possibility of more droughts and stronger hurricanes more likely. This trend is one of several factors contributing to Maui’s wildfires. This workgroup would explore using a DAO as a post-natural disaster small business recovery engine. The DAO would serve as an SBIR/STTR Incubator for small businesses in climate-related disaster-prone areas. This would accelerate regional economic recovery, spur job growth, and support long-term community sustainment.

Decentralized Science

The scientific publishing industry (peer reviewed publishing) is a $28 billion a year industry. The scientific authors don’t get paid, the reviewers don’t get paid, only the publishers. The DeSci working group would develop a digital asset financial incentive model that targets California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) grants for scientific authors and reviewers. The workgroup would initially support research and development of treatments for diseases and conditions of the brain and central nervous system but would be extensible to other research areas. If you are interested in joining the DeSci Working Group Steering Committee, visit

DeSci Graphic

Secure Information Sharing

Businesses, governments, and every individual depend on data. While information access and sharing are part of our everyday lives, very few treat it as an essential digital asset. The rise of identity theft, ransomware attacks, electronic fraud, and e-commerce theft proves the fallacy of this attitude. The secure information-sharing workgroup will explore how blockchain can improve information-sharing security.

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Space Working Group (SWG)

Digital assets can streamline use cases that involve international commerce. With this in mind, the SWP will explore the many and varied use cases that operate at the intersection of digital assets and space manufacturing. The workgroup will include NSF, NASA, the Space Force, the Defense Innovation Unit, other agencies, the private sector, innovators, and academic institutions in joint activities to accelerate the commercial space industry.

Financial Product Tokenization

Many see the recent approval of Bitcoin futures exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as a harbinger of a future where virtual and fiat financial instruments will operate seamlessly across the global marketplace. This working group will focus on the standards, regulations, restrictions, and oversight needed to make that future a reality. If you want to join the Financial Product Tokenization workgroup, please visit .

Digital Asset Education & Certification

Education and certification serve as the beating heart of any professional organization. This truism is even more important for the nascent digital asset industry. The NDF has partnered with the Blockchain Academy to offer a full range of blockchain, Web 3.0, crypto trading, regulatory courses, webinars, and live instructor-led opportunities. Members of this working group earn life-long access to all virtual, self-paced course offerings. Discounts are available to attend webinars or live instructor-led events.

Bronze members ($0 annual fee) receive 2,500 DigiTokens, which can be exchanged for lifetime access to The Blockchain Academy‘s entire virtual, self-paced course catalog for no additional fee!

NDF Workgroup Funding

NDF Workgroups are funded through one of four paths:

  • NDF direct funding through the membership proposal and voting process;
  • Contract or grant awarded to the NDF through a government or commercial RFI/RFP process;
  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) or Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) contract awarded to an NDF member through a US government solicitation process that lists the NDF as a partner or contractor;
  • Contract or grant awarded to an NDF member through a government or commercial sole source bid process that lists the NDF as a partner or contractor;

Workgroup Information Form

If you are not a member, please become a member first by completing the membership request form. If you or your organization is already a member, please provide the following information so we can get you started.